Is it just me, or does using Microsoft Word get harder every year? It seems that every other time I try to use some feature, you know a really sophisticated feature like, umm, indenting, that the thing just behaves counter-intuitively.

Today's Word gripe: why is there no 'RecentFile' option off the File menu? This was in WordPerfect more than 20 years ago. Do I have to go into one of those many-tabbed Option screens and turn it on somewhere?

Granted, I don't read the Word manual. And I race right by those really thick Word books at Barnes and Noble on my way to the latest Sponge Bob toys. But gosh do I really need to go back to school to learn how to type a letter? Hey Bill, here's a suggestion: lose that macro feature that virus authors love and give us some good old-fashioned word processing.

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