HRMS World (h/t Tony Karrer at HRTech) has a post up by David Foxall about what to expect from a recruiting system.   

Foxall is a decent writer, and he's certainly not wrong to list collaborative recruiting and customizable processes  (see my post A False Dichotomy: Configurable vs Customizable) as critical underpinnings of great recruiting efforts, but I do think he's missed just how far a few enabling technologies have come in recent years that have really changed what you should expect from a recruiting system.

The first is of course mobile.   Mobile gets a lot of press already, so I won't go into this too far other than to say if you still require your recruiters and sales people to be behind a desk to get things done, you don't stand a chance against agile competitors.   Everything you do should be equally available on your phone, tablet or desktop.

The second enabler is CRM.   Your recruitment platform should have all the flexibility of the great CRMs out there.   This includes everything from follow up triggers to email digests to activity reporting and call monitoring.  It includes obviously instant perspective and actionable reporting on what every person involved in the recruiting process is doing. 

A third but hardly final enabler is telephony.   I've written a lot here at ST about telephony how critical a role it has played in the work Aida does for its staffing clients, but I think most people just haven't seen it in action enough to appreciate it. Its advances in reliability and scalability have really changed the game in getting teams working together regardless of organizational size.

The combination of these three enablers has turned the table on what to expect from a recruitment system and what it takes to profitably serve client and candidate needs.