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What “Hunger Games” Can Teach Us

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What “Hunger Games” Can Teach Us

A violent futuristic film, unwittingly or not, describes the plundering of free enterprise in America by Washington elitists

It has come to my attention via one of my teenage daughters that there is a significant percentage of people out there who labor under the mistaken impression that Hunger Games is a Young Adult trilogy-cum-blockbuster by Suzanne Collins that stars among others Jennifer Lawrence and Stanley Tucci.

Still others suffer from the illusion that Hunger Games, the movie, is some T.S. Elliot like disaster-describing-disaster dramatization of high school cruelty.

We who deal with the daily onslaught of new and changing employment taxes and regulations know exactly what Ms. Collins means when she describes how Capitol city rapes and pillages

But for those of us in staffing,  we know different.  We get that Hunger Games is about federalism out of control.  “Capitol” city rapes and pillages Panem into poverty and subordination much like Washington elitists rape and pillage employers across the USA with an onslaught of new and changing employment taxes and regulations.

Sure, Hunger Games, the movie, struts the high school sexual politics and violence – but that’s just to fill the seats.  If Collins didn’t censor herself, if she didn’t cloak this critique of Washington with teens fighting to the death, she would find herself censored.

She’d find the Hollywood and Washington elite suddenly deciding that maybe tolerance and free speech weren’t such great ideas.  She’d find them calling for their head like they currently are of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

As a society we should know better.  We’ve had nearly 100 years of observing socialism up close to see it for what it really is, the exchange of votes for handouts with the ultimate goal of making us all dependent on elitists in government.  Collins captures this beautifully.

The impoverished residents of Panem get Tesserea – food rations – by submitting their names for the Reaping.  It’s the perfect analogy to liberalism – I’ll give you my vote if you give me my handout.

Yes, Hunger Games is scary.  For a lot of reasons.

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  1. Peeta

    Great post Gregg! I have also heard the book/movie called a representation of occupy wallstreet…thoughts?

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  2. Jon Billings

    We just reached the two year mark since federal healthcare was passed. Can the Supreme Court save us from Washington?

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