Looking for ways to improve your bottom line in staffing?

Take a look at how TMS Staffing did just that with Aida staffing software.   Aida is a next generation front office system that integrates with Tempworks, the gold standard in back office processing and funding.  

Aida helped TMS Staffing more than double profits over the last year.

Super-fast, friendly CRM

TMS Staffing's offices are all high volume, and its move to Aida meant faster responses for everyone including customers and candidates.

Aida is fast.  How fast?   Darn near instantaneous.   We measure our response times in milliseconds.

Aida makes use of a real-time, reactive technology that makes it vastly faster than any staffing software we've ever seen.  

When you add up all the time your staff will save not waiting, you end up with a lot of dollars in your pocket.

Made for the mobile professional

TMS staffing specialists are young, mobile professionals.   They are ambitious and successful, yet want work-life balance, too.  Aida helped them get more productive both in the office and out and about.

Let's face it, it's expensive to maintain staff who are only productive when they are sitting behind a desktop.   And those desktops can act as an anchor around the neck of your mostly dynamic, mobile-oriented staff.

So why not set them free and make money while you are at it?  With Aida, the same user interface works equally well on desktop, iPad or smart phone.

Get your staff super productive wherever they are. 

In the office.   At the kids' soccer game.   Or landing a great candidate with a late evening email.

You make money when your staffing professionals can perform wherever they are.

Tempworks back office integration

When you have as many employees depending on paychecks as TMS, it's imperative to have the stability of Tempworks.

Tempworks Software has been the gold standard in staffing back office for almost two decades.  It processes payroll for operations of many of the biggest employers out there including operations of Sterling National Bank, Manpower and True Blue.

Those tried and true back office capabilities include industry leading ACA management which can make you far more efficient than your competitors.

So while you are saving money there, why not enjoy Tempworks by using it through Aida, the industry's next generation front office system?

Facebook integration

TMS recruits heavily through Facebook and the Aida Facebook integration has helped drive successful advertising and candidate marketing campaigns that in turn helped it win major client accounts.

Although many people think of Facebook as a social network for personal use, but the reality is that Facebook is quickly become your most efficient route to efficiently winning customers and candidates.

Adia offers an incredibly efficient integration with Facebook's API (application programming interface) that makes it easy and inexpensive to market to your target client and candidate audiences.

When you market smarter than your competitors, you make more money.

Integrated texting (SMS)

TMS has vastly improved its responsiveness with employees via Aida's integrating texting.

How sweet it is for your job candidates when you can efficiently text them the location of their job interview or their work assignments.

But making things super easy for your employees is only the start of how Aida can leverage this popular communication tool for your staff.

Through its system of hotlists, Aida can send bulk texts and lets you real-time monitor responses.  

Need 25 laborers for a job tomorrow morning?  Sure, you can kill your staff by having them spend all afternoon on the phone.  Instead, let your hotlist pool know about the job and let them get back to you.  Your workers will love it and so will your staff.

And again, that means you make more money.

And that's just the start

And we're only scratching the surface of what Aida has done for TMS and what it can do for you.  

We haven't yet touched on Aida's integrated email marketing, its super powerful search engine, its leaderboard reporting system, and its world class employee onboarding engine.  

But hey, don't take our word for it.  Take it for a spin yourself.