Excellent commentary by PLJ508 in response to a liberal Wisconsin college's president's essay in the Washington Post about how to reeducate students who support Donald Trump:

Trump's rise, on the other hand, is easy to understand: the GOP failed its voters in five areas-trade, mass immigration/border security, endless foreign wars, runaway spending, and a cowardly failure to stand up to liberal "political correctness" in the public discourse. 

Your characterization of "political correctness" is inaccurate: it was originally intended as a way to be polite towards those different from you, but it came to be used as a weapon by liberals to control the public discourse. Thus any Republican position constitutes "bigotry" in the eyes of the Left. Opposed to abortion? Sexist. Support the police in Baltimore? Racist. Support border security and an end to mass immigration? Double racist. Support traditional marriage? "Homophobic", etc., etc.

The stranglehold liberals held over the public discourse by wielding this weapon of "political correctness" finally became intolerable to conservatives during the Obama presidency because of its overuse. Yet Republicans still cowed; their voters looked for a champion outside the political establishment. Not hard to figure out. 

No, being "politically incorrect" is not an excuse for saying rude, mean or stupid things. Of this Trump is undeniably guilty, and it may very well cost him the election. They have little or nothing to do, however, with the real reasons behind his rise. One must remember that Trump is not a professional politician, and this explains his gaffes a little better than hysterical editors at the Post accusing him of being the reincarnation of Hitler.

Rest assured, even if he loses, the issues he brought to the table are not going away. Liberals at the WP, in academia and all over America are going to have to deal with that.