As retail space sits empty and jobs are still tough to come by, this should have been on my list of things most likely to happen: a partnership between temp real estate and temp staffing.

Raleigh, NC-based Headway Workforce Solutions has announced the launch of a retail staffing solution specifically for pop-up, or flash, retailers.

The staffing firm has partnered with PopUpInsider, a national online exchange for temporary U.S. real estate, and promises to staff temporary pop-up locations with managers, supervisors and sales associates throughout the U.S.

“Providing pop-up stores access to qualified retail talent through a single source nationwide recruitment and staffing vehicle enables these retailers to focus more on merchandising, sales and running their business during their limited operational window, while Headway handles all of their staff and labor requirements,” said JP Sakey, Headway’s president and CEO.

A key feature of the program is an online talent widget that shows nationwide staffing and real estate locations at a glance. The widget was developed by HWS and is featured on PopUpInsider.

The widget is no doubt a manifestation of the existing HWS database. Headway Workforce Solutions says the database is proprietary and contains about two million retail recruits.

It’s also a nice tool to have for PopUpInsider, allowing potential retail clients to view its current U.S. temporary real estate locales.

It is not entirely clear to me if this program is completely new or if it’s simply an extension of both companies’ current capabilities. Still, capitalizing on the pop-up retailing trend sure makes sense.

In a tight economy, pop-ups provide their customers with an immediate and very powerful hook: the random surprise of discovering something fresh, exciting and often free.

And exclusive – the entire nature of a pop-up shop is that it won’t be there for long. That distinction enables high-end retailer, chefs, artists and other entities that normally wouldn’t be associated with traditional chains or strip malls to get in on the action.

According to Charlene Runge of Headway Workforce Solutions, the partnership is built for speed.

“Pop-up tends to be more ASAP,” said Runge. “Clients will tell us ‘we’re renting out this retail space next week.’ We … fill all of the positions and have a professional staff ready to go.”

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