As we previously discussed here on Staffing Talk, Facebook isn't going anywhere. So if your business isn't already actively utilizing the world's largest social media network to engage the community and drive traffic to your website and job boards, you're probably still using rotary dial phones and dot-matrix printers too, at which point there's really nothing I can do for you. :)

But since I know you already ARE using Facebook (great job!), here are a few tips to help you maximize its effectiveness for your business.


You don't want to post too frequently because your followers will get tired of your posts and unfollow you, but if you don't post enough then you wont be engaging your followers or getting value from your page. No, the healthy balance is right in the middle, just enough to show up, make your presence known, and end on a high note. 

There's no magic formula, of course, but I would recommend at least one and at most three posts per day, at least three hours apart. I would also make them different types of posts. Maybe feature one job post, one fun post, and one informative post that links to an article you've written or from another credible source. 

If you have multiple pages under a corporate page, just post one at the most on the main page because you can easily set posts on the main page to appear on all the subpages. Then, the subpage managers can post their own posts apart from yours.

As far as WHAT to actually post, the possibilities are as varied as your imagination. Here are a few ideas that have worked for our page in the past:

Job fairs and special events:

Client focused job postings

Associate recognition (when they refer a friend or go full time)

Staff anniversary celebrations

Recruiting events (this was a radio remote)

Staff community and/or client service recognition

Recognizing special days

Highlighting offices

Advertising hard to find jobs (we boosted this one - see below for more on boosting)

And even recognizing former associates who have gone above and beyond (yeah, this was special)

And there's plenty more where those came from, but that'll give you some ideas to chew on.


Facebook is a for-profit company that needs to keep the lights on just like the rest of us. OK, sure they do a LOT more than that (Zuck's mansions don't pay for themselves!), but regardless it's undeniable that the boost post is one of the best bargains you'll ever find in marketing. Not only do you get to show your post to thousands of real people for a fraction of what equivalent marketing would expect to cost, but you can also target the specific audience you want to reach. 

You'll need to be sure your post includes a picture that isn't mostly text, because otherwise Facebook will deny your boost (they're funny about aesthetics that way). There aren't any cut and dry right or wrong answers, but for our business I've found that the best kind of posts to boost are the links to specific job postings that also include a relevant picture and a call to action in the text area. This is because the more personal, fun posts tend to do well organically because people naturally like and share them, whereas a job posting doesn't get quite as much traffic on its own. 


Not everyone who follows you will see all of your posts, not even with boost, but if you or someone else tags someone, which is Facebookese for typing the @ symbol followed by their username (start typing their name and often Facebook will try to do it for you), that someone is pretty much guaranteed to see the post or picture they are tagged in. And the cool thing is, a percentage of their friends will see it as well! 

So, take every opportunity you can to tag as many people as you possibly can, within reason of course. If you post a picture of your staff at a job fair, tag all the people involved. If you post a picture of an event at a client, tag the client's Facebook page as well, being sure to mention what a great client they are and how much you appreciate being a part of whatever you were a part of. If you post a picture of an associate, try to tag the associate (if Facebook will let you). 

Finally, in the text area at the top of your post (especially if you post a link to a specific job), encourage people who see the job to tag any friends who might be interested in the job to the comments section. Often people will do this anyway, and it's absolute golden when they do, but it doesn't hurt to remind them. 

It takes effort, but for a minimal cost you can turn your Facebook page into a fantastic recruiting tool that will pay incredible dividends for your business!