Staffing Smarts: Selectemp drops IT burdens and maximizes staff productivity.
Previously housing its staffing software solution, Selectemp Employment Services realized it was no longer efficiently bearing the responsibilities associated with self-hosting its servers. Selectemp elected to transition to the TempWorks Hosted Solution and let them handle the daily needs for server maintenance, data back-ups and connection reliability.

Now Selectemp points its entire focus on what it knows best - staffing - and has watched its business rise in productivity and efficiency.

Kellie Works Personnel Solutions: "Put Kellie to work for you!"

As a TempWorks Venture client, Kellie Works Personnel Solutions of Alexandria, La., receives full payroll funding and outsources its payroll and back-office processing to TempWorks. With its newfound freedom from such responsibilities, Kellie Works focuses all its resources on superior customer service and closing sales.

The staffing firm offers permanent, temporary and contract staffing services, with additional consulting services available.

"I love the ease of the Enterprise program. We work faster and more efficiently now – dropping the time from when a job order is placed to when the job is filled down from five days to two days. With Enterprise, we’ve enhanced our customer service and are able to communicate better with both clients and employees – which helped us win a large account with a local manufacturing company," says Kellie Wilson, owner of Kellie Works Personnel Solutions. "Plus, Enterprise facilitates a paperless work environment which supports my goal of ‘going green.'"

Forget manual work! Northwest Staffing Resources trades payroll drag for speed and efficiency.
Processing 500+ time cards a week for the five processing plants of its food division, Northwest Staffing Resources needed a hand with meeting its payroll schedule. It needed to deliver accurate paychecks and invoices to its employees and clients, while still leaving time to run its staffing business. With a time clock data feed to its TempWorks staffing software, Northwest Staffing Resources shed 10 -14 hours of manual work a week.

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