Poe's law is an Internet adage which states that without a clear indicator of the author's intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers for sincere expressions of the parodied views

This is a humor piece from the Onion in its classic 'fake news' style.   But despite its attempt to be ridiculous, I found at least one of its suggestions to be ingenious, proving once again the validity of Poe's law: 

  • Provide your child invaluable real-world experience by paying them below the poverty level for their manual labor.
  • Require a PowerPoint presentation detailing projected quarterly profits before you agree to invest any of your capital in powdered lemonade mix.
  • Simulate the free market by having all of your children compete for a single allowance.
  • Demonstrate the importance of proper savings by repeatedly overdrawing your familys checking account and suffering devastating ulcers as a result.