There's a dirty little secret I'm going to share here on the instant, scored searches on, the cloud staffing software platform from Tempworks.

As a background, the search facility does virtually everything you've come to expect from a Google search.  Instant results.  Hit counts from zero to millions.   Scored results.   Highlighted hits.  And more.

I'd like to able to say it was really hard to do.  Or some vendor malarkey like that you can only get it from us.   Or worse yet that we patented the technique.

But none of that would be true.   

What is true is that open source software has been maturing faster than your kid's Snapchat ap, and innovations in search - I'm talking things that took us months if not years coding just to do half-assed - are now come free.   

What used to be the hard part - the search logic - can now be snapped into a software platform via a Node package add with less difficulty than ordering running shoes off of Amazon.   We use ElasticSearch, btw - check out this codePorn video on it

That's how free and easy things have become when you've embraced the javascript platforms whose trail has been blazed by the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Yelp.   

Yes, we still have to wire it all up.   We still need to design screens so their use is self-evident, and great designers like ours are hard to come by.   

Nevertheless, the reality is that software innovations, which have always been arriving at breakneck speed, are only speeding up.   And that's good news for staffing businesses.