Tempworks Software introduces integrated online interviewing solution

There is a mentality out there that I don't understand.  It's the one that makes a friend drive across town to save 2 cents a gallon on gas.   Or another to kill an afternoon at the Mall of America when you can buy better on Amazon.   

And yes, we have it in staffing.   It's the one that makes candidates interview for two hours when parking outside has a one hour max.   It's also the one that dismisses online interviewing as a fad, preferring to make the candidate show earnestness by driving across town to meet in person.

There have been other reasons in the past to dismiss online interviewing despite it being in vogue for a few years now.   Cost.  Inadequate internet bandwidth.   Hard to use.   Unintegrated.

That all changed this last week as Tempworks Software introduced its online video interviewing solution in Tworks.io.   Tworks.io is the company's cloud-based staffing software platform that integrates CRM, telephony (VOIP) and recruitment into a single coordinated system.

Early deliveries to clients indicate strong advantages to online video interviewing.

Candidate experience   

It's a given now that a great user experience is a must for winning customers and getting referrals.  What better way to provide just that than making it super easy to apply.   

No scheduling.  No time off.   No travel.   Simple, easy, fast.   

I've been using the facility myself now for a few days, and any misgivings I had - would the candidate be intimidated, what would the voice and video quality be - were quickly put to rest.

Unlike some stand alone solutions that induce anxiety with software installs, Tempworks uses the webrtc protocol via the browser makes it a familiar setting that puts candidates at ease.

Saving staff time

I interview a lot offline as well and one thing that is clear is that I've burned many an hour completing an interview that I knew right away was not going to produce a presentable candidate.

The cost in time for a staffing firm to do an interview can be high, and that's just for in-office interviews.   If you're having to travel or schedule such interviews, you can burn even more time outside the interview than in it.

Better work flow

There is nothing like the work flow of a fully integrated platform.  Unlike most point interviewing solutions which create data records in 3rd party databases, Tempworks interviews flow directly into its tworks.io database.   No additional bridging or copying or linking is necessary.

Time to hire

Time to hire is arguably one of the most important of all staffing metrics and for good reason.   Great candidates don't stay on the market for long.   


Tempworks video interviewing makes a great tool for the aggressive staffing or recruiting firm looking to offer the best experience for candidates and customers alike.   Its webrtc based platform integrates perfectly into the company's Tworks.io cloud platform, driving down costs for everyone involved.