Tara Rose, CEO of Nurse Staffing Unlimited, a small nursing staff agency in Boca Raton, Florida, says she spent $140k for a software system from NetSuite that never worked properly and has filed a lawsuit against the software provider.  Muckraking blogger Dennis Howlett details the situation.

Far be it for me to rush to the defense of another software service provider, but Howlett takes a harshly anti-vendor, almost yellow-journalistic approach to almost all of his posts. His French also sucks, but I'll spare you that tirade. If Howlett were to dig into Ms. Rose's campaign against Net Suite, he'd find a sloppy web-site loaded with misspellings, questionable legal rants and typos - hardly indicative of a company that keeps its facts straight.  Disclosure: I do not know Howlett or Rose, nor do I have an equity position in Net Suite (thank God!). But I've used Net Suite myself and find it pretty cool. Like Quickbooks and Salesforce, it's a great deal if you can live within the constraints of its system.

On the other hand, it's not clear what the Net Suite consultants were thinking when they, according to Howlett, determined that their product stacked up well against the needs of a temp nursing firm. I know temp nursing, and I know Net Suite. Net Suite is no temp nurse system.

Temp nursing involves a constantly shifting array of bill and pay rates complicated by shift differentials and twists like charge-nurse and call-back adjustments. Both nurses and clients constantly cancel orders and redo their schedules making it impossible to track legitimate job orders without software designed for that exact purpose. Posted invoices need constant readjustment, and you need to factor in credential-tracking for search and retrieval.

Net Suite also suffers from a hysteria in the software community about SAAS (Software As A Service). It's a great concept that leverages huge infrastructure benefits, but almost every technology company out there has made its products available on-demand. It does nothing to differentiate an offering. It's like bragging that your software company is a leader in the use of electricity.

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