As the owner of a small staffing agency, I found myself often looking for solutions that would effectively help me and my staff build better relationships with clients and applicants. Though we utilized many applications and streamlined many of our office practices, it seems that we were not doing enough to effectively communicate with our clients. As you know, a failure to communicate can essentially lead to slowed business.

And Then This Happened . . .

One day as I was doing research, I came across an article about how VoIP has revolutionized the cubicle. Though I was familiar with the VoIP phone service and its popularity among businesses of all sizes, it had never dawned on me that something as simple as a phone system could ultimately help my agency cultivate richer relationships with our clients and applicants.

After careful research, I found out there were actually a ton of features that could be used to our advantage. So I researched a few service providers to compare price and features to determine which would be best for our staffing agency. Upon payment and installation, the rest seemed to be history.

Heres a look at some of the ways VoIP services helped our staffing agency to build better relationships.

1.   Fewer Missed Calls

A big problem for me as the owner of the staffing agency was managing my calls. Though I had a receptionist, the calls would come in faster than she could answer them and many of the calls were lost or routed to voicemail. Of course, when youre a small business owner looking to fill a vacancy in your company you dont have time to play phone tag, so you may call other staffing agencies to see who will pick up first.

Upon implementing the new VoIP system with features that allow you to set up different ring tones for various types of callers, and even route the calls to whichever device youre near at the time, I was able to retrieve more of my important calls. This made it easier for my receptionist to route calls, thus improving our customer experience.

2.   Faster Call Backs

The other issue that can hinder a staffing agency is responding to calls that have been routed to voicemail. When youre running around all day trying to interview recruits, line up new business leads, and so forth, you dont always have those few minutes to log into your voicemail account and listen to the messages one by one, list the messages in order of importance, and finally make the calls. However, as you can imagine, a job seeker looking to find a position or an HR manager looking for an applicant does not want to wait two to three business days to hear back from you.

The great thing is that there are features on VoIP phone services that allow you to skim through your messages without having to access your voicemail. Voice to email features send your voicemails via text message or email so you can read who the message was from and what they had to say. This was ideal for me because whether Im at a networking event, interviewing an applicant, or consulting with an existing client, I could easily see who was trying to reach me and why. This essentially allowed me to respond to urgent callers without skipping a beat.

3.   Improved Mobility

When Im out at job fairs or networking events trying to find new clients or applicants, Im often gone for hours at a time. This means that important communications were being routed to my voicemail until I return to the officewhich could be hours. I often felt torn between tending to the needs of my existing clients and scouting for new ones. Finding a balance was often very hard because I didnt want to miss out on the opportunity to bring in new business. But I also didn't want to disappoint the companies that had already been loyal to our staffing services.

Once I made the decision to switch to VoIP phone services, being on the go became a lot easier. I could have calls routed to my mobile device so I could answer calls that were important, retrieve voicemail, and collaborate with my staff no matter where I was for the day. Also, I was able to offer my staff some extra perks which improved employee morale. I allowed them to work from home a few times out of the month, and VoIP services made it especially easy for them to complete their responsibilities as if they were in the office.

Who would have thought that something as simple as investing in a VoIP phone service would make such a huge difference in the quality of customer service were offering our clients? Communication is such an integral part of workplace productivity and customer service that business owners should continue to look for ways to enhance the quality. Thanks to VoIP services, we are more efficient and productive and provide a service that our clients appreciate immensely.