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SOS: Sex, Offspring And Staffing

Written by Gregg Dourgarian

An upcoming staffing magazine article came out of an Instant Messenger discussion:

gregg dourgarian says:
had an idea for an article…thought you could do justice to it if you wanted to run with it

gregg dourgarian says:

gregg dourgarian says:
SOS: Sex, Offspring and Staffing says:
love it already says:
do we even need content? says:
whats it about

gregg dourgarian says:
you could take it different ways…sex sells in almost any dimension

gregg dourgarian says:
but my intent was to focus on how to avoid family problems in a family business says:
i’m rubbing off on you, come up with a great title and go from there

gregg dourgarian says:
i’ve met several children of parents that divorced while running their staffing company together says:
seems like everyone in staffing is divorced

gregg dourgarian says:
that’s just it…it’s almost everyone says:
why do you think that is?

gregg dourgarian says:
i remember my mom and dad having problems when my dad started out…he dove into it…we had to scrap for pennies…moved out of a nice house and into an apartment etc says:
so money pressure, debt service, change in lifestyle, waiting for success

gregg dourgarian says:
plus older guy hiring young women he can hit on all day long

gregg dourgarian says:
just this thread we’re doing now makes for nice material… says:
the title is great, I will get you the opening paragraph says:
there is also a parade of people all day, the applicants, interviews, those people need you, there is power in being the interviewer

gregg dourgarian says:
yeah but that divorce…ouch…that guy in [location deleted]…seemed like a great guy but you could tell the divorce brought him down bigtime says:
if you’re doing clerical, its secretaries (needing to temp because hubby is a bum), receptionists (young and looking good to find a hubby)

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