In the search for qualified talent, the risk of wasting time for no return is high. 

LinkedIn's 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report reveals quality of hire to be the most valuable recruiting metric this year, indicated by 44 percent of recruiting decision makers, and the runner up is time to fill.

Recruiters need to find quality talent fast. Many are turning to passive candidates because of their proven experience in the industry. That solves the quality problem, but passive candidates hold more potential for wasting recruiters time, should they choose to stay with their current job.

It's hard to blame candidates for leading recruiters on. It's nice to be wooed with promises of perks and benefits you may think you're missing out on at your current job. No wonder already-employed professionals feel at liberty to keep other opportunities in their peripheral.

In fact, 75 percent of professionals categorize themselves as "passive" candidates, according to LinkedIn's report.

Though there's plenty of passive talent to choose from, recruiters need to have a strategy that convinces passive talent to reciprocate -- accept the job offer -- so all the time spent pursuing them isn't for naught.

Here are a few tips for appealing to these elusive candidates:

1. Think Outside Of The Job Board - To really stand out in the minds of passive candidates, recruiters need to do more than just message back and forth through the job board. Instead, communicating using more enticing channels like social media or even through video are more effective strategies.

2. Create Convenient Correspondence - Chances are, passive candidates don't experience much flexibility in their current jobs, so your communication methods should cater to their needs. With tight schedules, passive candidates may have trouble finding time to talk. Allow them to correspond with you at their convenience.

Ensure the tools with which you communicate are convenient. For example, use mobile messaging apps to keep in touch. If you'd like to meet with the candidate, to get better acquainted, suggest doing so virtually through video chat, or offer a one-way video interview opportunity so they can record on their own time.

3. Give Them An Opportunity To Show Off - Passive candidates want to feel their abilities are special, especially if they've been stuck in a stagnant position. Invite them to step on stage and shine. Ask them to share samples of work with you, or talk about some industry-related ideas they have. Ask them to share their personal brand through a brief summary, or a video introduction.

If you catch them during a time they feel they've plateaued in their current position, seize the opportunity to entice them through offering what they're lacking at their current job. Validate who they are as an individual. Make them feel like a rare gem. Show them how the position you're recruiting for would appreciate their brilliant skills.

4. Stimulate Curiosity Through Intrigue - It's simple, if you want to stand out among all the other recruiters waiting at the passive candidate's doorstep, you'll need to say something intriguing to pique curiosity. Don't just tell them what your organization offers, show them. Create a video to brand the organization you're recruiting for.

Ask bizarre, unexpected questions that ignite curiosity and provoke deep thought about a career's potential. In fact, research by Neuron published in 2014 found people are more intrinsically motivated while in a state of curiosity. Motivating passive candidates might be the spark needed to inspire their next big career move, hopefully to the organization you're recruiting for.

Passive candidates, like any qualified candidates, are worth pursuing as long as you use an efficient, enticing recruiting process to ensure you don't waste unnecessary time. Just keep in mind the ways you can be flexible to meet these busy candidates' needs, and present opportunities in a way that showcases their value.

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