In the frenzy that is ‘social media recruiting’, one tip that seems to have vanished is “you have to be on Facebook.”

What? Facebook is on its way to ‘becoming the internet’ (at least in the words of its hopeful leaders) – so why wouldn’t you want to use the preeminent social network?

Geez, I don’t know. Maybe because:

  • It’s personal: The vast majority of people using Facebook regularly are there for personal reasons – to communicate with friends, long-lost friends, relatives, and people with similar interests. They’re gossiping and sniping and exposing their underbellies.
  • It’s gigantic: Hundreds of millions of users. How does an employer find a way through this enormous thicket to locate (a) candidates that are qualified, and (b) candidates that are interested? Various apps have sprouted, but none have taken hold (yet).
  • It’s, umm, too personal: Look, if you use Facebook, you have undoubtedly disclosed at least a few things that you wouldn’t want your next (or even current) employer to know.  Maybe you’ll be unlucky and they’ discover it anyway – but why point them to it?
  • It lacks tools: You can argue that the search engines can be great recruiting tools. Why? Because they combine their great search technology with the ability to tap into multiple recruitment sources around the net. Facebook, on the other hand, is a ‘closed’ environment with limited tools. Maybe that will change – but that’s where things stand now.

As we know, the technology world does not stand still. Facebook is charging ahead on multiple fronts to become ubiquitous and essential. Maybe it will get there.  Maybe one of those fronts will become recruiting.

But until then, if you’re recruiting for top notch candidates, you can do better than Facebook. Really.

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