A Christopher Gamble writes critically in response to our post yesterday on the Indeed-like experience of the tworks.io job board:

"single place for candidates to search, apply and communicate with the staffing firm via Tworks.io's integrated VOIP and emai" HAHAHAHA In other words, it requires the recruiter to use Tworks.io to manage the candidate flow process. Uhm, how is that different than Indeed?"

I responded to Christopher:

Hi Christopher
The post is not a criticism of Indeed which I use and find to be a great resource. Indeed (no pun), I've modeled the candiate and recruiter experience of tworks.io with my personal likes and dislikes of Indeed in mind.

The difference between tworks.io and Indeed job boards lies in the exclusive access to candidates that staffing firms get with tworks.io. 

Although useful, Indeed is a shared resource - your competitors and customers have access to the same candidates you do. It's like a public swimming pool that everyone in town swims in.

With tworks.io, you own the candidate experience and share it with no one giving you the exclusivity to candidates necessary to avoid commodity pricing. It's like your own private spa.