conveniently comes at the same time the talent management company began promoting a new iPad application.

Peoplefluent provides software for talent management, recruiting, vendor management and workforce compliance.

The name change is to create a “vision-driven brand,” after three months of research with focus groups consisting of HR executives and their employees. They formally launched the new image, logo and website at the recent Society for Human Resource Management Conference.

The new identity is said to reflect Peoplefluent’s customer-inspired vision.

CEO Charles Jones said on their website, “It is a powerful endorsement of our long-term vision and the true potential of the changing integrated Talent Management Suite.”

It's not enough to change your name, though. As a brand, companies have to come up with a scheme to keep people interested and find new ways to draw their targeted customers in.

Enter Peoplefluent's iPad solution for remote workers.

The Mobile Talent Management apps are going to be helpful, like a guidebook, for HR managers' decisions, according to Peoplefluent. Any questions they have can be answered from any location.

The solution has four mobile components:

  • Executive Explorer – for detailed educational background, performance feedback and compensation of team members
  • Manager Compensation Assistant – compensation budget and planning processes for managers and executives, to help them dole out awards and motivate employees
  • ManagerCoach – to counsel managers recognize their HR responsibilities and what tasks to perform efficiently
  • Recruiting – so hiring managers can filter data and easily match skills with job profiles

Ventana Research CEO Mark Smith said in a press release that though rebranding efforts are risky, Peoplefluent is going to succeed by focusing on the importance of mobile access.

“Its goal is to further expand its customer base with technology that provides the most usable applications in this market,” Smith said. “The name change is the eye-catching part of these announcements.”

Unfortunately, the new solution isn’t available until fall.

Neither is it transferable to other tablet brands such as Android or HP, or to smart phones.

If you don't have an Apple iPad, it's useless.

I could see it driving up costs for companies, as they will need to either purchase iPads for their HR managers, or make them incur the costs.

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