Although this post is about boosting sales rep output, I'm sure there are many of you sales giants out there that know firsthand the futility of measurement.

Reducing the work of sales professionals to numerics offends the human spirit and pathetically fails long-term.

In one of my favorite movie clips of all time, that of Robin Williams in Dead Poetry Society, a Phd writes in his book's Intro that we can reduce the poetry of Byron and Shakespeare down to a simply x/y axis of beauty and depth.  

"Rip it out!" Williams commands the students of the offending passage.   "It's not the Bible!"   

And so should you tear out any attempt to reduce to a numbers game the great art of connecting to people via staffing sales.

Your work is far too important.  It's you who makes the relationships happen.  It's you who creates the opportunity for the unemployed.  It's you who make it possible for professionals be they of the technical, accounting or healthcare variety, to fluidly slide into better paying jobs at better companies at better locations.

Don't ever let anyone take that from you.

Nevertheless, it's the job of people like me who develop sales systems to do the unthinkable and be all-in on helping clients win the numbers game.  On the bright side, we see our selves like personal trainers that give athletes like Von Miller that numeric edge in speed and clout that creates champions

Winning sales systems today, like Aida, have a lot in common.  Nice fast, mobile friendly GUIs.   Telephony integration.  Email marketing integration.  And clever nuances throughout the software that make it easy to make more calls.

One such nuance is known as call dispositions, which is a fancy term for recording how a sales call went.   You know them traditionally as notes like LWTC, FollowUp, Screened, etc, type notes you've traditionally typed into CRMs.   

But the reality as any good sales person can tell you is that typing such entries into a CRM is the bane of the job.   At best, CRM data entry is time stolen.  At worst, it's drudgery that keeps you from fashioning compelling solutions for clients.

So yes, making call dispositions fast and easy has been a hot topic in CRM technology since Salesforce redefined the industry back in the day.  But it's like most things hardly a static innovation.   Today, you don't need the exorbitantly expensive and slow top end systems to get the best.

 That's because the way we communicate with people, be they clients or candidates, is undergoing change with the same swiftness as every other way that we relate to people in the age of the internet.

At Aida, our call dispositions range range from the simple to the sophisticated.  With a click, a sales rep can send a client an emailed electronic service agreement.  Client signs, and presto the recruiters are working a new job order.

With another click, the recruiter can alert 100 snow shovelers of an impending storm.  The Aida robocall system monitors inbound text and email for job-acceptance responses which, if affirmative, auto-convert to placement records.

Sales managers of course like call dispositions too, and not only because they increase rep performance.   They know if they are getting a lot of not-in-service type dispositions that their prospect list might be out of date.  They know that if a rep is recording a lot of LVM messages that they might need help getting past gatekeepers or learning how to get gatekeepers to spill vital info for the follow up call.

As a developer of sales systems, the fun never stops.  With each year, connecting with people takes on new challenges that need to be built into system.   Meanwhile, competing systems based on old software platforms find it harder to keep up. 

Look at Salesforce for example as it continues to advertise that it's in the "cloud" as if that is somehow a differentiator these days.  

Why people still fall for that at exorbitant prices I have no idea. 

It's a brand new day.   Time to make the most of the wonderful age of software we are in.

"Seize the day" as Brian Williams says in Dead Poet Society. 

"Rip it out!".  Rip out those clunky "cloud" systems of the decade past.

"Carpe Diem!"