The candidate crunch has confounded corporate recruiting; old-fashioned sourcing of passive candidates has moved into high gear. For staffing companies, this means somehow reconciling the highly personal activity of sourcing passive candidates with the tools of an enterprise staffing database.

You can see how TempWorks has been responding to this trend in recent years with the elevation of inbound and outbound email as first-class citizens of our core applications. Recruiters that were pack-ratting candidates into their own email-silos no longer get a pass for not entering the data into the corporate database - just a click in TempWorks transforms it into structured, shareable corporate data. However, email is just one arrow in the social networking quiver.

RSS is emerging, especially in 2005, as the core tool for creating community and penetrating previously impassable candidate communities, and savvy recruiters are taking notice. These recruiters are using bleeding edge RSS products like InFolio ( and NewsGator ( to ride the blog and wiki wave into networks of candidates and clients.

These social networking tools present two different kinds of risk to staffing companies. On one hand, if they are embraced too eagerly, recruiters could spend all day cruising blogs and avoiding revenue generating activities. On the other hand, if staffing companies ignore the tools or prohibit them, they risk simply making their staff less efficient.
How can a staffing company combat these risks? At TempWorks, we believe that, like with email, maximum profit stems from aggressively using and controlling RSS through integration with the enterprise database. Parsing resumes from an RSS feed into the database should be second nature. Converting an RSS feed of marketing leads into prospect records simply makes good sense. If you recruit chemical engineers, then you should be actively promoting or participating in chemical engineering career wikis.

At TempWorks, we're emerging with an alpha release of integrated RSS. We believe that by both monitoring the RSS feeds used by staffers and helping them plug into useful feeds, you can make them more productive and improve your retention of the feeds. A higher profit through better matching of candidates with clients is the result.

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