This morning I arrived at my office, Red Eye from my coffee shop in hand, looking forward to a calm, paper-pushing kind of day, when I was brutally reminded of events from earlier in the summer when I thought it was a good idea talk to a representative at SHRM 2011.

Now, I should know better. I’ve done these things before. You go to the seminars and wander through the trade show, hoping that you’ll win that new iPad, avoiding sales reps at all cost.

Too bad for me, one was hiding behind a giant bumblebee. I was so distracted by his crazy sales antics and the giant bug hanging over his head that, before I knew it, he had handed me a cooler bag and given me a 30 minute presentation on the latest and greatest in social media – BeKnown.

BeKnown is’s answer to LinkedIn, acting as a way for job seekers and head hunters to connect through Facebook accounts.

The rep then swears that I’ll have a great time at the Monster party that evening. Natasha Bedingfield was performing and there was going to be free food and alcohol. So, of course, I agreed.

Natasha Bedingfield was everything I imagined her to be.

These words are my own.

Unfortunately for me I have a hard time being rude (despite what you hear) so when another sales rep cornered me between the cucumber sandwiches and the buckets of beer I could do little more than smile and nod, make cooing noises at appropriate times, and agreed to hand over my business card.

Threw some chords together, the combination D-E-F.

Which is why our mailman delivered a giant purple envelope covered in bumblebees to me right after I sat down this morning.

Is who I am, is what I do, and I was gonna lay it down for you.

Coffee still in hand, I decided to give this BeKnown scheme a try. I mean, if Natasha endorses it, it must be okay, right?

I try to focus my attention, but I feel so A.D.D. I need some help, some inspiration, but it’s not coming easily.

In theory, this seems like a great idea, right? Facebook is huge; with more than 750 million users (per FB itself) its global presence offers limitless opportunities to reach candidates and network with possible applicants. Surely Facebook is a great place for finding that dream job.

Not to mention that using social media is the must-do for job hunting these days. It is only logical that someone would want to use Facebook to find their next career.

Problem is, BeKnown is BeHind. Everything on their app I had already done on LinkedIn. It even let me import my profile and all of my connections (satisfying the “lazy” inside of me) from my other professional profile. But (bonus!) BeKnown treats the job hunt like a Facebook game; awarding badges and ribbons for adding friends.

Trying to find the magic, trying to write a classic. Don’t you know? Don’t you know? Don’t you know?

What?! I don’t want a silly badge. I just want a qualified applicant to find my open position, not to harass my friends with diamond mine updates.

On the other hand, the materials say that this is a great “networking” app within Facebook that will allow me to connect professionally on a broader scope.

Could be true and I will give it a try. But my immediate impression is that I already have these tools at hand: Facebook and LinkedIn. Why do I need them to join forces now?

Waste bin full of paper. Clever rhymes, see you later.*

You said it Natasha.

*Lyrics are from Natasha Bedingfield’s “These Words,” written by Stephen Kipner, Wayne Wilkins, Natasha Bedingfield, and Andrew Frampton. Found on her “Unwritten” album.

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