The value of endorsements on LinkedIn has been widely debated, but no one's going to question your "particular set of skills" if it's Liam Neeson doing the endorsing. 

The actor, who plays ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills in the seemingly endless series of “Taken” movies, is now hosting a contest to promote the latest installment, “Taken 3: It Ends Here,” giving movie fans the chance to have him endorse them.

This time around Neeson/Mills' ex-government operative character is accused of a ruthless murder he didn't commit. As he is pursued by the authorities, he brings out his "particular set of skills" to find the true killer and clear his name, ala "The Fugitive."  

And while he is waiting for the movie to be released, early next year, he will endorse your skills. If you win the contest that is. 

To enter, go to this page on LinkedIn. The contest runs through December 23, and the winner will be announced the week of January 4.

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