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Job Growth: Thank the Temp Agencies

Written by Gregg Dourgarian

Job Growth: Thank the Temp Agencies

The image  above is from ABC’s lead story on the jobs report this morning in which temp agencies accounted for more than 26,000 of the new jobs. 

The job climate outside of temp is not doing well.   Unemployment would be at more than 11% if the work force participation rate was at the same level as in the anemic economy of 2008.

None of this is news to temp agency owners who’ve seen their revenue numbers continue to rise steadily since 2009.  

Although the staffing industry has been harshly critical of the ACA (Obamacare), it’s been one of the few beneficiaries.   Fear over Obamacare regulations has employers running from commitment and into the arms of agencies.

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  1. John Barrin

    You are overlooking one of the bigger areas of job growth – self employment. In fact almost all of the job growth in the last decade can be accounted for by it. People don’t have to turn to an agency, they can represent themselves.

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