The Greenville Police Department has arrested an employee at a temp agency after the employee allegedly created fake employee profiles to steal money from the company.  

Police say Gwanda Cook, 39, was arrested on Thursday, and is being charged with first degree theft of property.

According to the Greenville Police Department, the arrest stems from an incident in which investigators were contacted in May in reference to a possible case of fraud at the temp agency. 

Investigators say the manager of the temp agency noticed the possible fraud after the company attempted to verify the address of an employee that was hired by the temp agency. During the attempt to verify the address, it was discovered that the address did not exist.

After that was discovered, the company tried to find anyone who could verify who the employee was, but was unsuccessful.

A three-week investigation was then conducted by Captain Justin Lovvorn of the Greenville Police Department.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that there were three employees on the temp agencys payroll that did not exist. The names and Social Security numbers for those employees were invalid, and were generated into the system sometime in the middle of 2015.

During the investigation, Captain Lovvorn also conducted a handwriting comparison on the three applications that were filled out by the fake employees, and found that the same person had filled out and signed all three applications.

According to Lovvorn, the pay records of the three employees were examined and it was discovered that all the hours claimed by the fake employees were manually entered by one of the staffing coordinators, later identified as Cook, at the temp agency. The same coordinator who entered the info was also the same person who hired the three employees in 2015.

Lovvorn states that other documents were examined and the same staffing coordinator had generated or manipulated those documents as well.

Capt. Lovvorn then brought Cook in for questioning, and that is where she confessed to falsely generating the three employees by filling out the applications and putting them into the system.

According to police, Cook also confessed to receiving the three employees salaries that were paid out. The total amount of those three salaries equaled $71,485.