Calculating the amount of staff a business needs is a critical part of planning for human resources. It goes part and parcel with the process of analyzing and then identifying any staffing surpluses and gaps. Human resource planning is meant to focus on staffing an organization with the proper number of people who have the skills that are required when they are needed to meet the objectives of the business for both the long and the short term. There are a few different formulas that can be used to estimate and try to predict staffing needs and these are based on historical information for the company along with estimated performance data like production numbers and sales.

Staffing Agencies

One way to meet both short and some long-term personnel needs is by using staffing or job recruitment agencies. Now, it helps to know that these come in different varieties. There are some that specialize in short-term work like for when your secretary calls in sick. Then you have the more long-term ones such as those you would use for corporate banking, wealth management, and the like. 

You also have the ones that are meant for manual labor jobs. You must know exactly what it is you need and which type of agency to call when you need someone. That is, if you want to be sure that you land the top talent for the position you need filled.

Hiring People

There are many different ways that you can go about hiring people. You can go through temp agencies, classifieds and or want ads, headhunters, employee referrals, Craigslist, and more. The thing is, how do you hire the perfect person? It really isnt a simple process. 

In a perfect world, you would have a team that is wonderful and no one would ever leave. Unfortunately, this world is far from perfect. For that reason, you need to always be interviewing. Start with the areas in which your company is weak. Take your time with the process too. Make sure to gauge peoples interest and vet them. Also, while firing people is never a fun thing to do, it only gets worse if you postpone it. When you know they need to go, fire them. When you do hire someone, make sure that they are someone that you like. It is never a good thing to have to work closely with someone you dont care for. Dont pass on someone simply because they are lacking in a single skill either. It might be worth it to hire them and train them in that skill. 


Above, we mentioned different places to find candidates for your positions. 

Places like temp agencies are great for finding people when you only need a position filled for up to 3 months. At the end of that time, it is customary to either let the person go or hire them on full time. 

If you are going through a classified or want ad, it is best to describe exactly what you are looking for so that you only get well qualified applicants. Also, you should state if this is a temporary position or a permanent one and if it will be full or part time. 

Headhunters are great for using when you are searching for more white collar workers and staff that might be a bit higher up on the corporate ladder. These jobs will normally be full time, salaried, permanent positions with full benefits packages.

You can use employee referrals for almost any type of position. It is great to get referrals from people that you already know and trust as well as from people who know what the job will entail. These can be a great source for recruiting new talent. 

Craigslist is a great place to post a help wanted ad. While these ads will be localized, they can be seen by people all over the world if they happen to be searching in your area. This can be a great place to display long descriptions of the job and what it entails as well as any details about what you are looking for, pay, and anything else. Unlike wanted ads or classifieds in the newspapers, there are no space constraints on Craigslist.

All of these can be a great way to find and hire new people. The key lies in knowing exactly what you need.