Staffing professionals and business owners have benefited significantly from the Internet. They have limitless opportunities to find new talent or to connect with customers, helping them to rise above their competitors and establish the success of their business.

But today's Internet isn't yesterday's Internet, and it won't be tomorrow's Internet. The online landscape is always changing, and that brings with it many challenges. Here are just a few ways that the changing landscape is changing business:

Cyber Diplomacy

International relations and legislative changes have a big impact on your business, even if it seems like things are happening halfway around the world. A trade deal that's worked out in China can have a significant impact on everything from the cost of your inventory to the amount you pay your workers. A war that breaks out on another continent can impact everything from your energy costs to your sales.

Today's diplomacy doesn't always happen in person. Cyber diplomacy is becoming more and more important. Not only does cyber diplomacy refer to the ability to network and negotiate online, but it also concerns the ability to negotiate policies that make the Internet more secure against terrorist attacks and other crimes.


Businesses have to look beyond their sales to ensure profits and growth. Investing should be a key part of any business's long-term plan.

Information technology has become incredibly important in the way businesses invest, ranging from using algorithm trading to setting up trading automation. The use of information technology has significantly expanded the Dow Jones market and has helped businesses increase their bottom line. 

However, with great reward also comes great risk. Businesses can play fast and loose when trading comes so easily, and that can lead to huge losses. It is important that businesses use the right information and tools to guide their investment strategy.

Customer Security

The Internet has made it much easier for businesses to connect with customers and to improve their buying experience. It allows businesses to collect customer data so that they can easily call up the information that's needed for subsequent sales and also so they can share special offers, thereby increasing sales.

However, all that information being stored online is vulnerable to hackers and thieves. Many businesses have already learned this lesson the hard way as high-profile breaches have compromised customer data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and addresses. 

It is very important that businesses create security measures to keep this information safe. Hiring managers, especially, need to think about how to protect the information of employees. Many security measures are focused on protecting customer data, but employee data is vulnerable as well.


Hiring has come a long way from the days of exhaustive resumes and simple reference checks. As the Internet has made it easier for people to connect in many ways, it has also made it easier for hiring managers to find out more about the candidates they are considering.

Many hiring managers are looking at things like personal websites, social media profiles, personal blogs, and even profiles on charity sites and online forums. Some even demand access to personal Facebook and Twitter profiles in order to check out a candidate before they hire them. No information is safe.

Most people are hip to this new online environment, and they maintain a "professional" online presence even in their personal spaces. Most are beginning to understand that nothing you post on the Internet is ever truly private, and it never truly disappears.

The Internet is a multi-faceted tool that has both helped businesses grow but also presented new challenges. If you are to get the most out of this invaluable tool, you will need to keep up with the changes as they come. If you can manage to stay on top of the changing online landscape, you'll help your business rise above the fray and meet your long-term goals. 

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