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1. Learning New Skills

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Not sure the job is for you? A temporary job offers great flexibility and is the perfect opportunity for you to decide what type of job you want to take on, and what job you dont ever want to do again. Youll get a firm understanding of how that specific industry works, and what skills youll need to get a permanent position.

When you work for a temp agency, youll often be moving from company to company based on their individual needs and demands. Use this to your benefit and take the chance to expand on your resume with new experiences. Make sure you make the most of your time and get stuck into every opportunity. By working on short contracts, the amount of opportunities thrown your way will seem endless.

Another advantage is that many temping agencies offer training sessions, so all of their candidates will have up-to-date skills and can use these in a variety of different job roles.

See the complete article by Adam Maidment at CareerAddict