I couldn't agree more with Marie Meyer's practical advice in terms of speedy yet quality staff hiring.

"When youre looking for temp workers either for part-time orf full-time work, dont try to hire them on your own. Managing recruitment functions internally isnt your best bet. Your in-house hiring process will take too long to complete, or worse, you might end up skipping steps to speed it up, and this can cause you to hire the wrong people for the job. Instead, let a temp staffing agency handle your short-notice and short-term hiring needs. Youll be glad you needyoull get higher quality candidates, faster hiring, and less training time required."

Staffing agencies are unquestionably the best in what they do.  They know what you need better than you do.  Some agencies even have tech solutions for you just like Temp Works software and  AIDA developed by Gregg Dourgarian, the creator of Supertrace, an airline software system used worldwide.

Even a random stranger couldn't help but share the same practical advice over twitter.

So, the next time you decide to make a quick hire, leave it to the experts.