We don’t need a crystal ball to know where employment is heading in the USA.   In fact, all it takes is a coup d’oeil at France or Spain where you’ll find out the impact of our Supreme-Court-Approved Obamacare:

  • The cost of employment goes up.   With every new tax, every new regulation, employment in the USA gets more expensive.   Tant pis.
  • Unemployment will increase.  When the price of something goes up, the demand for it goes down.   Au revoir les offres d’emploies.
  • Yet more capital will go offshore.   Capital goes where it gets the best returns.  China, Indonesia and Kenya all look a lot better today than yesterday.   Bon voyage.
  • Illegal staffing will benefit.   One solution to make a staffing competitive: cheat.   Evade taxes.  Flip companies.  Alter worker comp codes.  Hire illegals. Hello marché noir.

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