Cuba is what happens when you don't have a vibrant staffing industry.  It's what happens when the staffing industry has one owner, a dictator or class of dictators, who dictate all aspect of employment.

Billionaire Fidel Castro is dead.   But what does it change?   

Not much.   From

Ral Castro is in power now. I know this because he is the one ordering the beatings, arbitrary arrests, and torture of Christian women. Castro is the one pocketing 92 percentof the salaries of Cuban workers employed by foreign companies. He has maintained this system and exacerbated its brutality so much that 500 percent more people have risked their lives on the high seas to flee between 2011 and today (Ral took over in 2008).

Cubans would rather risk being eaten by sharks, shoot themselves with firearms, and drink bleach than live in a Cuba run by Ral, not Fidel, Castro.

Fidel Castros disappearance from public life did nothing to