There's bad news about Facebook for staffing companies:  Mark Zuckerberg has lost control over his platform, and it is making it impossible to reliably use as an advertising platform.

I'm not talking about its more widely discussed problems.  You've probably already read that it publishes misinformation as newswildly censors opinionsovercounts page views, and actively discriminates against conservatives.

That's all bad, but for business purposes the problem of getting remotely reliable results is much worse.

Imagine you had a staffing client where you placed machinists for $22/hr.    How would your client feel if at some random point your price did a 4x and went to $88/hr without you notifying them?    Sounds ridiculous, right?

Yet that is what happens with Facebook ads.

Sure you can do a video, and you can boost it to get some decent results on a one-off basis.   But you better watch out, because recently I've seen that 4x price increase happen without warning.

I posted a screen grab of a client's ad campaign here.  When I started that campaign for a client, the price was $1.50 per lead.   Now, as you can see, it is more than $9, a 500% increase.

I hope Facebook can regain control.   I've built a whole system for clients so that candidate leads from Facebook feed directly to our CRM,   From there the leads turn into active candidates and successful placements with our system of drip marketing, a process where you gently stay in touch with prospective candidates with easy to use contact processes that include phone calls, auto-responders, hotlists, texts and emails.

A healthy, functioning Facebook can be a great business tool.   Let's hope it becomes reliable as well.