Today is National Unfriend Day for Facebook. Started by Jimmy Kimmel, it’s a half-serious mission to cull your Facebook list.

As I said, it’s half-serious, but probably a good idea for those of you who use Facebook for business. While I realize many professionals have already made a dichotomy between their LinkedIn contacts and their Facebook contacts, I know a lot of salespeople who have had great results with Facebook, and it’s obviously a great tool for business connections, if used properly.

But I’m sure you’ve gone to your Facebook account and said ‘Who are these people?’ It might be someone from your tenth grade Spanish class. A benchmark suggestion? If you don’t look forward to seeing this person at a high school reunion, unfriend them.

The next question you might have is “Yikes! Why did they post this?” You might get something on your wall that you’d never post yourself. For example, I have a friend who uses Facebook for business contacts but also had family on there, several of whom are Farmville junkies. Whenever they did the slightest thing on Zynga it ended up on my friend’s wall. She was horrified at how unprofessional it seemed and quickly remedied the situation.

To be fair, Facebook has made strides in letting users control and subdivide contacts and monitor access through its List feature. But the layers-of-privacy issue has been a thorn in its side since the beginning. And Google + has capitalized on this chink in the armor with its Circles feature, which allows you to easily and intuitively organize your contacts – from family to friends to business contacts.

In the meantime, and in the spirit of National UnFriend Day, here are some people you might want to unfriend:

  • Parents and other loved ones who have discovered the joys of Facebook and use it as an opportunity to comment on your every post.
  • Unfriend your unfriendly exes. Enough said there.
  • Unknowns. Again, who are these people?
  • Uppers and Downers. This unfriend rule works equally for someone who wants to tell you how great their love life is or how miserable their love life is.
  • Facebook spammers. Acquaintances that bombard you with invitations and announcements. Life’s too short.

Any people you’d unfriend? Let me know in the comments section below or at jeff@

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