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The Future of Job Boards

David Gee

Contrary to popular belief, the job board industry is expanding faster than ever. The supposed dominance of generalist big boards such as LinkedIn and Monster actually pales in comparison to the thousands of niche boards that open up every year. In fact, according to one job board […]

Engineering a Software Support System

Kinzy Janssen

We all rely on tech nowadays, but how many technical companies do you encounter who consistently 1) answer your calls without automation, 2) adapt to unfamiliar requests quickly, and 3) actually care about providing solutions? Very few. But TempWorks is one of them. At TempWorks […]

Psychologist: Temps Make Better Liars

Kinzy Janssen

Ever wonder how psychologists recruit willing subjects for studies?  Sometimes it’s an open call (like the ones I responded to in college for extra cash) and sometimes it’s a targeted search based on preconceived notions. In 2005, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of […]