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Freelancer Job Board Pays $3.2 Million for Digital Warrior Forum

Gregg Dourgarian

  Techcrunch reported this morning that paid $3.2 million for Warrior Forum, a site with some 720k internet marketer members. Ycombinators are trashing the sale as being one of a spammy freelance site buying out a spammy internet marketing site, but $3.2 million isn’t pocket change. I’m […]

Interviews That Resemble The Voice: One Legal Search Firm’s Reaction

Kinzy Janssen
The Voice - Season 5

After nearly a decade of American Idol, why are Americans newly fascinated by The Voice, another reality singing competition that hit the scene in 2011? Almost certainly we’re drawn to the show’s dramatic format, which involves merit-based, “blind” auditions. With their backs turned to the stage, judges […]

What?! They Did What At Our Company?

David Gee

Embellish. To decorate (something) by adding special details and features: to make (something) more beautiful, appealing or attractive. Any time we have to sell ourselves, our products, our services, our companies, we have to embellish. A bit. But when it goes too far, and it […]