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“Communicator of The Year” Gives Candidate Cold Shoulder of the Year

Kinzy Janssen

What unfolded between a “green” job seeker and a “professional” career woman on LinkedIn last week resulted in another reputation burned at the social media stake. It all started when Diana Mekota, a 26-year old health communications job-seeker, asked Kelly Blazek, founder of the Cleveland […]

Are You Finding Flow At Work?

David Gee

Are you in the flow at work? Do you spend more time feeling like you’re nailing it than mailing it? If not, perhaps the problem is a mismatch between your skills and the challenges – or lack thereof – at work. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton […]

The Classy Way to Leave a Job

Scott Morefield

The focus of most career-related advice is rightly on how to GET a job – how to build that resume and cover letter, where to look, how to interview, and even how to conduct oneself on that first day and thereafter. That makes sense, of […]

How Hollywood Director Michael Bay’s On-Stage Bust Can Inform Your Next Presentation

David Gee

It’s been a week since Michael Bay fled the stage after a teleprompter malfunction during Samsung’s curved TV presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,  but people are still talking about it. Tina Fey even mocked Bay’s meltdown moment on the Golden Globes Sunday night. […]