Given my coverage recently on how staffing companies can leverage Facebook, it’s only fair that I give a competitor some airtime as well.  In this video, Jason Calacanis interviews the charismatic Rick Marini, CEO of Branchout, whose services exploits the Facebook social graph like no one else in the job board space.

Branchout has taken a lot of heat for being a Facebook timeline flooding service, and it could just find itself the victim of the mass revulsion building over Facebook’s bungling Farmville-like attempts to extend its service and build revenue.

Notice in the video where Calacanis actually logs into Branchout (about 18m in).  As a good host he responds positively to it, but if you watch closely you’ll see 1) Calacanis has been inundated with spam, 2) he doesn’t use the service much.

With Facebook ready to begin inserting paid ads into your timeline, where will we go for peace of mind and authentic relationships?

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