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Branchout: Another Facebook Timeline Flooding Service?

Written by StaffingTalk

Given my coverage recently on how staffing companies can leverage Facebook, it’s only fair that I give a competitor some airtime as well.  In this video, Jason Calacanis interviews the charismatic Rick Marini, CEO of Branchout, whose services exploits the Facebook social graph like no one else in the job board space.

Branchout has taken a lot of heat for being a Facebook timeline flooding service, and it could just find itself the victim of the mass revulsion building over Facebook’s bungling Farmville-like attempts to extend its service and build revenue.

Notice in the video where Calacanis actually logs into Branchout (about 18m in).  As a good host he responds positively to it, but if you watch closely you’ll see 1) Calacanis has been inundated with spam, 2) he doesn’t use the service much.

With Facebook ready to begin inserting paid ads into your timeline, where will we go for peace of mind and authentic relationships?

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  1. Ali Hillman

    Hi Greg,

    My name is Ali and I am BranchOut’s Community Manager. We are absolutely listening to our users and have made some serious changes to our application to improve the user experience. And believe me, our users noticed and have given us very positive feedback. We are the largest and most innovative professional networking site on Facebook and will always continue to ideate about how to make our application even better! I noticed that you haven’t installed BranchOut and I’d love to invite you to connect with me and use me as a resource.

    Basically, at the core of the BranchOut user experience is the ability to find connections through one’s extended friend network. For example, when you search for a company on BranchOut, you gain visibility to a list of friends and friends-of-friends who work at that company. These inside connections can be used to increase access to new jobs, sales leads, and recruiting talent. On BranchOut job seekers search for employment opportunities and are found by recruiters. So really, it is actually ALL about authentic relationships.

    Again, looking forward to connecting with you on BranchOut and staying in touch.



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    • Lisa

      I would enjoy BranchOut however I do not want TimeLine. Post I have seen on TimeLine go to far back and things look like a jumbled mess.

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  2. gregg dourgarian

    Wow Ali way to by Johny on the Spot with community management – I hardly had that posted before the comment came.

    I did sense that Rick is trying to do something really cool and not spammy, and that’s a great sign for future success for Branchout despite the increasing backlash to these sorts of apps on Facebook.

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  3. David Gee

    You had me interested in this Branchout guest Gregg, and the discussion, but gosh, the discussion didn’t begin in earnest until over 8 minutes into the show! Rick just sat there like the proverbial – but polite – bump on the log until then. Good content maybe, but bad TV. Jason and his sidekick are awfully impressed with themselves and their accomplishments and their social media standing. I don’t share their high opinion I’m afraid, and I missed out on a good story I’m sure because of it.

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  4. gregg dourgarian

    i agree but how much negativity can i fit into a single blog post?

    i’ll edit the post to let people know how many minutes in to catch the actual Branchout discussion.

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