Ethlance, a recruiting startup not to be confused with the pre-Upwork entity Elance, claims that the "Future of work is now" and that it is the first "job marketplace for the blockchain."

I'm not normally a fan of "first" or "only" technological claims, and this one is no exception.  In fact, a quick search shows no small number of ventures making a similar "recruiting on the blockchain" claim, most of which seem to have gone out of business and abandoned their websites.

Nevertheless, Ethlance has an MVP - a minimally viable product - something that you can actually try out on your own.   That's a rare thing in the blockchain startup world.  Note that my last review featured a $5 million funded recruiting blockchain startup, Chronobank, that had no semblance of an available MVP.   

So kudos to Ethlance.

I signed up myself as a contractor for Ethlance, a process that made my profile available to organizations looking for talent.   To do so, I had to establish an account, a not simple process unless you're already deep into blockchain technology and have account and currency in Ethlance's underlying platform, Ethereum.

Nevertheless, my profile is out there for any organization that wants to pay to find it and access it.  No calls yet, though.   

To succeed, Ethlance will need to get momentum - user activity - something that has proved elusive for almost every blockchain venture to date.