One of my children just got a new job all on his own. A minimum wage job. In Minnesota that means $7.10.

The poor exploited kid. Now he has to pay his own gas money, not Dad.

His is the usual minimum wage case of the worker not actually being poor. Read economist David Neumark in today’s WSJ for more on Who Really Gets the Minimum Wage.

WSJ cartoonist Chad Crowe on federal minimum wage increases. According to David Neumark: “Assembling Census Bureau data over nearly seven decades, Richard Burkhauser and Joseph Sabia have shown that in 1939, just after the federal minimum wage was established, 85% of low-wage workers (those earning less than one-half the private-sector wage) were in poor families. Such a high percentage implies that, in that year, the new minimum wage targeted poor families well. However, as the public safety net expanded, family structure changed and more people in families began working, this percentage fell sharply over time—to around 17% by the early 2000s”