David will be returning from Asia next week to officially become president of TempWorks USA.  Here's a press article on his promotion:


Pioneer Press

Article Last Updated: 04/19/2008 03:13:41 AM CDT


What is your new title? President, TempWorks Software Inc., Eagan

What are your duties? I am involved in many areas, mainly concentrating on overall business development, with a special focus on developing and launching new services for the staffing industry.

Did you choose this field or did the field choose you? A bit of both. I have been immersed in the staffing and computer technology industries all my life. My father (and grandfather) started developing software solutions for the staffing industry in the 1970s, which led to my father to start this company. Being involved from such an early age, I have a passion to help staffing firms improve their operations through innovative technologies.

Describe a challenge and how you overcame it. In 2007, I brought a new product to the payroll funding and processing service market, which is already saturated with suppliers. We needed to deliver the message of our superior service and product and be prepared to serve new clients. By adding seasoned employees and working with internal resources, we overcame the challenges.

Whom do you admire and why? My father, a savvy businessman who has poured his heart and energy into the company's success. His work ethic and the work environment he has created make him well respected.

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