Visitors to Staffing Talk will be noticing a lot of changes in the coming weeks.  These include an evolving layout, more guest posts and a metamorphosis from “personal blog” to  “staffing industry’s #1 news site”.

The overall goal is to make visiting Staffing Talk a great experience for every one – temp worker, staffing specialist, owner, hiring manager.  When you visit I want it to feel like you are arriving to a fun party where the host has knocked himself out to make you feel special.  I’ve fell short of that trying to do it all by myself.  Time to step it up a couple notches.

Already you can see a lot the changes that our webmaster, Paul Phipps, has put in place.  Besides the look and feel, he’s made it possible for both free and paid contributors to post articles. David Gee, a professional journalist and videographer, is posting daily on staffing business topics. And Laila, our gal on the street, will be publishing regularly on the chaos of a busy staffing office.

If you’ve followed the events of the last week – from the overthrow of a dictator in Egypt to the $300+ million purchase of Huffington Post by AOL – you know we’re on the precipice of big changes in the news business.  The control of news is now in everyone’s hands. You. Me. And the guy who lit himself up in Cairo.

Similarly, public relations is no longer about getting your staffing company mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.  It’s about telling your story.  It’s about bringing value to your community.

The changes taking place in the news business today are as big or bigger than the widespread adoption of the internet in the 1990s.  Seize the day!

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