The idea of a decentralized freelance exchange is compelling for those of us who tire of LinkedIn spam and find Upwork slow, expensive and increasingly unhelpful.

Imagine candidates maintain exclusive control over their profiles and profit monetarily from sharing its data.   Imagine employers and sales people accessing reliable profile data and paying for it with most of the proceeds going directly to the sources (candidates) providing it.

The idea frequently gets play on the subreddits of decentralized marketplaces. is playing in this space.  It will be interesting to see what they come up with.  From their blog:

In parallel, another technology emerged and solved the problems of organisation in a very different way. Bitcoin employs thousands of computer users (miners), whose systems perform the work of validating transactions and securing the network. In return for this effort, the network pays out a reward of 25 bitcoin (worth around $6000) roughly every ten minutes.

Like On Demand platforms, the Bitcoin network enjoys zero transaction cost in engaging a distributed, resilient, redundant network of suppliers. However, whereas On Demand platforms simply mediate relationships between independent buyers and sellers, the Bitcoin network also means that the organisation providing the service (the miners) is also made up of independent individuals with no central control. By providing economic incentives for participation, the protocol solves the problems of coordination and cooperation of a network of discrete self interested individuals.

Bitcoin can be seen as the prototypical example of a new organisational paradigm: the Decentralised Autonomous Corporation. Owned and operated by its workforce, and publicly traded by default, it distributes equity in itself on a constant and ongoing basis in direct proportion to the value each member of its workforce has contributed.